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2012: PDA Tucson Reviews a Year of Activism

Two years ago, February 2011, the Tucson Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) was launched. It has been a busy two years, but 2012 was particularly active, as PDA Tucson sponsored events and worked with other left-leaning local groups in support of their activities.

Here is a look back.

January 2012
PDA Tucson defends Occupy Tucson with a Letter to the Editor of the Tucson Weekly.

PDA Tucson joins other PDA Arizona chapters in tabling at the Arizona Democratic Party State Committee Meeting and participates in the ADP Progressive Caucus.

February 2012
PDA Tucson hosts a forum on public banking with the sponsor of HB2104, which would establish a public bank in Arizona. When the bill was heard in committee, PDA Tucson steering committee members testified in favor of it.

PDA Tucson steering committee members participate in national PDA meeting in Winslow.

John Nichols, of The Nation, tells a packed house at the IBEW Hall in Tucson about the Uprising in Wisconsin at an event sponsored by PDA Tucson and the Pima Area Labor Federation. This comes as workers are attacked with six anti-union bills in the state Legislature, and labor supporters take to the streets.

PDA Tucson, Physicians for a National Health Program, and the Alliance for Global Justice  co-sponsor Single-Payer Healthcare and the 99%-- A Public Forum which features talks by Dr. Margaret Flowers and Kevin Zeese JD.

March 2012
PDA members protest with unionists, Occupiers, and other labor supporters against anti-worker bills in the Arizona Legislature.

PDA Tucson healthcare reform coordinator publishes Tell your legislators to invest in a healthy Arizona, as voters already specified in the Arizona Daily Star.

April 2012
PDA Tucson sponsors public debate on the Open Primaries initiative on the November 2012 ballot.

Members of PDA Tucson and PDA Arizona join Planned Parenthood and other women’s rights groups to protest the Republican War on Women at the state capitol, as the Arizona Legislature and Governor Jan Brewer prepare several anti-woman bills.

May 2012
PDA Tucson steering committee members meet with Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild on public banking.

June 2012
Tucson City Council votes to abolish corporate personhood and to support a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, abolish corporate personhood, and deny that money equals speech. PDA Tucson, MoveOn, Move to Amend, Occupy Tucson, and others spoke in favor of the action at the standing-room-only city council meeting.

PDA Tucson members join immigration rights advocates in protesting the Supreme Court’s split decision on SB1070.

July 2012

PDA Tucson and the Arizona Advocacy Network sponsor a Tucson showing of  Pricele$$, The Movie and a public discussion on the importance of Clean Elections and getting big money out of politics.

PDA Tucson healthcare reform coordinator publishes Expanding health insurance for the poor is imperative in the Arizona Daily Star.

PDA Tucson joins other Arizona PDA chapters at the Arizona Democratic Party’s (ADP) State Committee Meeting and the ADP Progressive Caucus Meeting.

PDA Tucson begins monthly letter drops at the office of Congressman Ron Barber.

August 2012
Grijalva easily wins his primary race; PDA Tucson is there.

PDA Tucson steering committee members meet with Councilman Steve Kozachik and Councilwoman Karin Uhlich on public banking.

PDA Tucson coordinator Phil Lopes appears on "All Things Political" radio show to discuss the progressive movement.

September 2012
PDA national sponsors Progressive Central at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. PDA Tucson was there.

PDA Tucson sponsors a both at the annual Labor Day celebration.

October 2012
PDA Tucson healthcare reform coordinator discusses the state of healthcare in Arizona at Northside Democrats luncheon.

PDA Tucson sponsors the first-ever Progressive Film Festival.

November 2012
President Barack Obama and Congressman Raul Grijalva win re-election.

PDA Tucson rallies progressive Democratic Party precinct committee persons and encourages them to hold offices at the state and county level.

PDA Tucson members join Jobs with Justice, unionists and Occupiers in Black Friday protest against Wal-Mart’s anti-union policies.

December 2012
PDA Tucson healthcare coordinator co-authors an editorial on the future of healthcare in the American Journal of Medicine.

PDA Tucson steering committee members publish How the Affordable Care Act might, or might not, affect you in the Arizona Daily Star.

Our Partners
During 2012, PDA Tucson collaborated with or supported the causes of the following groups:
Alliance for Global Justice
Arizona Advocacy Network
Cesar Chavez Coalition
Derechos Humanos
Drinking Liberally Tucson
Jobs with Justice
May 1 Coalition
Move to Amend
MoveOn Tucson
Occupy Tucson
Physicians for a National Health Plan
Physicians for Social Responsibility
Pima Area Labor Federation
Tucson Peace Fair
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

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