Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sights & Scenes from the People's Inauguration in DC (video)

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) sponsored the People's Inauguration in Washington DC over the weekend of the presidential inauguration. Activists, progressive leaders, and elected officials participated. Alison McLeod, Southern Arizona PDA organizer, was there. Here is a series of nine videos that she created from this event.

A Picture of PDA
John Nichols of The Nation orchestrates a photo of today's American progressive movement.

Rev. Jesse Jackson on the War on Poverty
"The political season is over - now we have work to do." Speaking at a Progressive Democrats of America conference in Washington, D.C., renowned civil rights, political and religious leader Jesse Jackson reminds us that the real work of social and economic change happens when people put their boots on the ground.

Mr. Parraz Goes to Washington
On inaugural weekend in Washington, D.C., Progressives from John Conyers to Jim McGovern gathered at the UDC Law School to celebrate and strategize. Among them was Randy Parraz of Arizona, the fiery organizer who orchestrated the recall of state senator Russell Pearce, who introduced ALEC's notorious SB 1070 "papers, please" law. Randy and Citizens for a Better Arizona now have their sights set on sheriff Joe Arpaio -- and Randy rocked the room.

Where There is a Struggle, Nurses Will Be There
From Haiti to Wisconsin to Occupy Wall Street movements across the country, Karen Higgins of National Nurses United explains why nurses are involved in struggles for social justice. Filmed at PDA's panel on a Progressive Democrat-Labor Alliance on inaugural weekend in Washington, D.C.

Thom Hartmann Explains the Conservative Worldview to Progressives

"Is the nature of humankind inherently good, or inherently evil?" How you answer this question may predict not only your religious views, but which political persuasion you follow. At a PDA conference in Washington, D.C., NYT best-selling author and political commentator Thom Hartmann gives a fascinating historical perspective as to why PDA's grassroots strategy makes perfect sense to progressives, but leaves conservatives stone cold. As award-winning journalist and moderator John Nichols points out, it's common to leave a PDA conference feeling smarter than when you went in.

Medea Benjamin on Mobilizing Against Killer Drones 
“If this had happened during the Bush administration, there would be huge outrage.” And there is – in the rest of the world. Speaking to PDA’s Peace and Global Justice panel, the author of DRONE WARFARE: KILLING BY REMOTE CONTROL Medea Benjamin tells why drone czar John Brennan is a dangerous pick for CIA director, and how citizens can mobilize against this murderous technology.

Lori Wallach on Trade Policy 
[Editor's note: this is scary stuff-- NAFTA on steroids!]
Lori Wallach of Public Citizen Global Trade Watch explains the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) -- "NAFTA on steroids" - and other mechanisms of corporate domination to participants in PDA's Progressive Central conference on inaugural weekend in Washington, D.C. Find out more at

Congressman Mark Pocan on PDA's Inside/Outside Strategy
Wisconsin congressman and newest member of the Congressional Progressive Caucus Mark Pocan discusses PDA's "Inside-outside" strategy and how to mobilize the progressive movement at PDA's Peoples' Inaugural in Washington, D.C.

PDA at the Inaugural Peace Ball
Peace & justice workers seen in this video: Mike Hersh, Angela Davis, Ben Jealous, Cindy Corrie, Rita Dove, Mimi Kennedy, Laura Flanders, Joe Libertelli, Medea Benjamin & CODE PINK, Wild Dancing Hippie Girl, Peace Child, many others, maybe you. Starring Progressive Democrats of America's Dr. Bill Honigman, with music by Le Tigre, audience, and sweet Honey in the Rock.

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