By Dr. Eve Shapiro and Dr. Matt Heinz Special To The Arizona Daily Star Arizona Daily Star

"A lawsuit has been filed in the Arizona Supreme Court to block Gov. Jan Brewer and the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System, or AHCCCS, from freezing or dropping patients from our state Medicaid plan.    Why is this step necessary?" ..................

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Healthcare for All/Single Payer Issue Organizing Team
It is immoral for a country as wealthy as ours to have 45 million people with no health coverage, and tens of millions more with inadequate or overly expensive coverage. It also makes no economic sense; despite spending twice as much as other industrialized nations on healthcare, our system performs poorly, because the private U.S. insurance bureaucracy soaks up nearly one-third of all health care money in waste, profits, paperwork, and advertising. Poor health and poor healthcare are drags on the economy and job creation; up to half of all personal bankruptcies are caused by health care crises.

PDA supports enhanced Medicare for all. By replacing private insurers and recouping administrative savings of up to $300 billion per year, this single-payer approach provides topnotch healthcare to everyone. Care would be privately delivered by healers and hospitals, but publicly financed—with no bills, co-pays, deductibles, denials, or medically precipitated bankruptcies. PDA also supports healthcare initiatives at the state and local level that move us toward a nonprofit single-payer system.

PDA’s Brown Bag Lunch Vigils—with partners California Nurses Association, Healthcare-NOW!,, and the Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare—aim to educate the public and our elected representatives about the costs of the U.S. wars of occupation and the better uses of our tax money for social benefits and programs, such as Medicare for All.

Healthcare Not Warfare Campaign