Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Highlights from Progressive Central at the DNC in Charlotte (video)

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) hosted Progressive Central: the People's Convention on Tuesday, September 2012 in Charlotte, NC, during the Democratic National Convention. Above is a video of some highlights.

Below are a few stories about Progressive Central and other liberal issues and actions in Charlotte during the DNC.

Charlotte: Teeming With DNC Fever

John Conyers At DNC Discusses Pressures Facing Obama

In Charlotte, Not The Usual Protestor Problems

Code Pink To Dems: Stop Drone Warfare, Bust Up Big Banks

VIDEO: Undocumented Protesters Arrested Outside Democratic Convention

Video: Michelle Obama Gets DNC Women's Caucus 'Fired Up And Ready To Go'

Talking Women's Rights At The DNC

VIDEO: Occupy Wall Street At The DNC

Meet The LGBT Delegates At The 2012 Democratic Convention

Video: Unable To Attend President's Speech, Obama Fans Fill The Streets Of Charlotte

The Tucson Progressive on Blogging the DNC

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