Sunday, September 16, 2012

PDA Tucson
Economic and Social Justice Issues Organizing Team
September 15, 2012,
East Room Ward 6 Council Office, 3202 E. First St., 10 AM – noon
Present:  Harvey Akeson, Marjie Baker, Leslie Hunten, Steve Lesh, Richard Brodesky

1.0        Unfinished Business
1.1     Progressive Film Festival, Oct. 26 – 28             Leslie

Leslie reviewed the lineup of films and the subjects they cover.  She reported on our relationships with the Screening Room and Move On!  We will need about 200 people to come to the festival.  Members are anxious to help with publicity and to sell festival passes.  There will be an emphasis on post-film presentations and discussions. 

1.2     Meetings with Officials and Aspiring Officials

Richard reported on a warm interchange between Phil Lopez, Jim Hannley, Marc Armstrong of the Public Banking Institute and Steve Kozalchik, Ward 6 City Council Member. 

Richard also discussed the meeting he, Jim Hannley, and Phil Lopes had with Elaine Richardson, Democratic candidate for Pima County Treasurer.            This meeting was quite positive, and Elaine had a good understanding of the issues. 

1.3     Possibility of Collaboration with Rogue Theater

Richard reported that he had met with Norma Davenport, President of the Rogue Theater, and with Cindy Meyer, the Managing Director, about collaborating in January during their run of Brecht’s “Mother Courage.”  The team is anxious to do so. 

2.0        Discussion on Taxation

We began to discuss collecting property taxes in Tucson and Pima County.  We returned to the idea of using eminent domain to capitalize a public bank.  And we broached the Financial Transactions Tax.  Richard reported that nationally PDA is asking members to support Rep. Ellison’s bill on the FTT, but we are not ready to do so.  We see this as a complex subject who will require more study and discussion. 

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