Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tucson City Council votes to abolish corporate personhood

The US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United and proclaimed that corporations are people, they have the right to free speech, and, by the way, money equals speech. That was January 2010, and the country has not been the same since.

The 2010 elections were awash with secret, private campaign contributions, and campaign spending in this year's election is utterly obscene. Single individuals have their own personal PACs. Candidates have their own PACs (even though PACs and candidates are supposed to be separate). Even Jan Brewer has a PACs-- no problemo that they have spent a considerable about of the donations to buy her book.

As a result, a nationwide grassroots movement to amend the US Constitution has sprung up. Move to Amend is promoting a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United, abolish corporate personhood, and deny that money equals speech.

Move to Amend,, Progressive Democrats of America Tucson Chapter, Occupy Tucson, and other local groups encouraged the Tucson City Council to join Flagstaff and hundreds of US cities to pass a resolution to abolish corporate personhood.

At the June 12, 2012 City Council meeting, they voted 7-0 in favor of abolishing corporate personhood and supporting a Constitutional amendment.

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