Saturday, June 23, 2012

July 1 Jim Hightower event to support Raul

Humorist, political commentator, and progressive scalawag, Jim Hightower will be returning to Tucson on Sunday, July 1 for a Raul Grijalva benefit at The Loft Cinema. The event starts at 5 p.m. with a patio social hour; Hightower's presentation will begin at 6 p.m.

PDA Tucson, Occupy Tucson, and other organizations will have tables at the issues fair, which will be open during the social hour. Come on down for a "howling good time."

From Hightower...
In the old west, it wasn't uncommon for big mining companies to buy off government officials or replace the ones who had the courage to stand up to them. Nowadays, it seems that not too much has changed. Thanks to Citizens United, multinational mining conglomerates, corporate polluters and other big businesses have been dumping backhoes of corporate cash into our national elections - and we need to help our Progressive champions like Rep. Raul Grijalva fight back. Please click here to help keep the mining minions from turning Washington into a company town. 
Raul is one of our top Progressive champions. His grassroots campaign organization and willingness to stand up to the establishment has carried him to victory for years - even when he is outspent 3 to 1 by his opponents! But as we've seen in places like Wisconsin, sometimes people power alone is no match for the Koch's corporate cash. 
Big business knows that Raul is the type of Democrat who cannot be bought - so they'll spend what it takes to beat him and buy a seat in Congress for their corporate lackey. Please click here to donate to help a true Progressive champion fight back against unlimited corporate cash. 
We've always been able to rely on Raul to fight for us in Washington. From championing single-payer/public option during health care reform to preventing the big diggers at Rio Tinto from destroying the scenic landscape and sacred tribal lands in the Southwest, Raul has got our backs. 
Over this past year, we've been fighting tooth and nail to elect more Progressive Democrats like Raul to Congress - but let's not forget that he too needs our help to get re-elected and keep on fighting in Washington. He's always stood with us, now it's time to stand with him. I'm doing all I can to help Raul, including going to Tucson on Sunday, July 1 for a fun and lively event celebrating the work that Raul does not just for the people in Arizona, but across the country . 
You can get event info here. If you happen to be in Arizona, or have friends and family there, tell them to come out to join us. And, please tell your friends and family about Raul, his work, and his campaign. Thanks for all you do!
Keep Agitating!

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