Monday, June 25, 2012

PDA Tucson Economic and Social Justice Team
Saturday, June 23, 2012
Ward Six Council Office, 3202 E. First St., Tucson, AZ
10 AM – Noon

Present:  Harvey Akeson, Marjie Baker, Warren Demming, Richard Fridena, Jim Hannley, Phil Lopes, Susan Willis, Richard Brodesky
Special Guest:  Caroline Isaacs, American Friends Service Committee
Most of the meeting was spent on learning about the AFSC Program on Prison Reform.  We learned about public and private prisons.  We also learned about the contractual exigencies for nearly total occupancy.  We discussed the need for sentence reform and the need to reduce prison populations.  We discussed the economic consequences of private prisons and found out that they did NOT create new jobs in the communities that welcomed them.  Intergovernmental agreements also mean that deportees are being housed with very mixed prison populations. 
The IOT decided to collaborate with AFSC.  We will put questions about prison reform on the instrument to be distributed to congressional candidates.  We also will publicize and participate in (as we are able) AFSC advocacy training. 
Other Business:  A report was given on the meeting with the City of Tucson Director of Economic Development on public banking.  We will be contacting one or two city council members and possibly people from Pima County. 
Scheduling was discussed.  We’d like to continue meeting at this venue, but it cannot be booked until after July 1. 

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