Thursday, July 11, 2013

Progressives Battle Against Cuts to Food Stamps, Social Programs

Recent weeks have been a wild ride in politics, and progressives nationwide have been in the thick of the political battles-- particularly the fight to preserve food stamps and other social safety net programs.

In June, progressives  personally delivered 225 letters to Congressional representatives and staged street heat rallies in from of high profile offices to pressure Democrats to vote against the Farm Bill that includes cuts to food stamps and school lunches (while raising subsidies to agribusiness). In Arizona, PDA members delivered letters urging members to vote against any Farm Bill that would include food stamp cuts.

Here are some blog posts that tell how this unfolded in the streets and in the halls of Congress.

Poverty by the Numbers Report Reveals a Cruel Nation

Misplaced Congressional Priorities: Pork for the Pentagon but Not for Children

Can You Live on $4.50/day? 20 Congressional Leaders, Staff Join Food Stamp Challenge

Obama Opposes Food Stamp Cuts, Threatens Veto of Farm Bill

Street Heat: Progressives Protest Against Food Stamp Cuts Nationwide

Breaking News: Farm Bill Defeated 234-195, AZ Dems Split How Progressives Stopped the Farm Bill

Although we won this skirmish, Republicans are seeking to separate food assistance from the Farm Bill-- which would make it easier to cut or kill them. Hunger is real in America. We must work to save food stamps, school lunches, and other War on Poverty programs

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