Saturday, June 22, 2013

How Progressives Stopped the Farm Bill

When Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) rallied its membership and asked them to take to the streets, their computers, and their telephones to oppose food stamp cuts in the farm bill, stopping the multi-year, behemoth looked bleak.
Both versions of the bill had cuts to food stamps and school lunches; the House of Representatives version, which was defeated on Thursday, had $20 billion in cuts to food stamps + increased subsidies to agribusiness, and the Senate version has $4 billion in cuts. This is immoral– feeding the military industrial complex but not the children.
PDA mobilized nationally to stop this– and it worked– for now. PDA members hand-delivered 225 letters to Congressional members (text here) and held Street Heat rallies at six offices nationwide. Above, Jim Hannley of PDA Tucson delivers a letter to Congressman Ron Barber's office. PDA members statewide delivered letters to all Arizona Congressional representatives.
For the details of the mobilization, check out this story on here.

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