Tuesday, June 7, 2011

User-friendly People's Budget overview provided by Connect the Dots for Democracy

Those of you who attended PDA Tucson's April membership meeting were treated to an informative and easy-to-understand presentation about the US budget by Andrea Witte, a local Connect the Dots for Democray and MoveOn.org activist.

Now Witte has created a set of slides, a booklet, and a video about the People's Budget. From the Connect the Dots website...

Are you tired of discussions about the Federal Budget constantly being dragged to one side and your voice not being heard? Fortunately, there is a truly courageous alternative — The People’s Budget — which represents what the American people really want. Learn about the details of this comprehensive proposal to balance our budget and restore our economy and basic fairness. Let’s ensure The People’s Budget is part of the national conversation.

To check out the People's Budget slides, click here.

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