Monday, June 27, 2011

Minutes for June 24, 2011 Meeting

Our kick-off began with 7 members present:  Richard Brodesky, Marty Diamond, Betty Fridena, Richard Fridena, Chuck Gould, Jim Hannley, Jane Kroesen, and Phil Lopes.

Richard began the meeting with introductions and a go-round about what we want and what we do not want from this IOT. 

Phil then gave an overview of the Progressive Democrats of America, the Arizona perspective, and what is happening in our Tucson chapter.  He then answered questions.  He also stressed our need and desire to work with other organizations. 

We realized that our IOT is absolutely essential.  Richard Fridena noted that our area is like the thread on an article of clothing which our mothers said should not be pulled because it will unravel the entire garment.  Chuck Gould said we should keep a local focus.  Marty Diamond asked many key questions, and Jane Krosen stressed the need to discuss strategies as well as outcomes.  Jim Hannley summarized his experience as a neighborhood leader and told how it is possible to make an impact. 

The goup realized that it can draft a letter and send it through Tucson PDA, attend governemnt meetings, hold rallies as well as edeucate the public. 

We decided that we need to start an internal conversation, and we instructed Richard Brodesky to distribute our email addresses to each other. 

Richard reviewed the material given above in this blog and stressed the importance of the Resources section as well as our capoability of participating in the monthly PDA conference calls. 

Richard announcedd that the Energy IOT will be hosting a conference in the fall and that our memebrs are welcome to help. 

We will be meeting next on Saturday, August 6th.  Richard is working on finding a meeting place and time.  He will announce the arrangements as soon as posssible via this blog and email. 

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