Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Welcome to PDA Tucson

Welcome to the brand-new blog for the Progressive Democrats of America (PDA), Tucson Chapter. If your politics lean to the left, think of this blog as your home base for news, commentary, and political action related to PDA's seven core issues:

  • End the Wars and Occupations, Redirect Funding
  • Healthcare for All
  • Economic and Social Justice
  • Clean, Fair, Transparent Elections
  • Stop Global Warming
  • Accountability and Justice
  • Immigration Reform 

The Tucson Chapter had its inaugural meeting in February 2011. Southern Arizona Congressman Raul Grijalva and populist commentator Jim Hightower fired up the standing-room-only crowd with political commentary, humor, and Washington insights. They were followed by PDA national organizers Tim Carpenter and Mimi Kennedy, who described PDA's organization and goals.

Since that meeting, the Tucson Chapter has been building its organization around the seven core issues, building its mailing list, and participating in local political events, like the March for Peace and Jobs (above), the Cesar Chavez March, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Labor Day of Action.

Look to this blog for information about participating in PDA events, joining PDA's Issue Organizing Teams, and working for progressive change in Southern Arizona and the US.

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