Friday, April 22, 2011

Time to call the President...

News leaked this week: the White House is considering an executive order that would require more disclosure from corporate forces trying to influence our democracy.

It's the definition of corruption for companies to try to win government contracts by influencing our elections. Even the appearance of corruption undermines our democratic institutions and representative government.

We know that as progressives, and the president knows that too. And since Congress has failed to close a gaping loophole that would allow precisely that type of corruption, the president is considering an executive order that would require government contractors to disclose their contributions to groups who get involved in elections.

We need to make sure this proposal actually happens, because corporate lobbyists are lining up against the president's plan.

Right now, corporate-backed groups are planning to attack the president -- and force him to drop any plan to require more disclosure. We know these lobbyists play tough -- they've stalled this kind of action in Congress for years. We can't let the same bullying tactics stop President Obama from doing what we know is right.

Progressives must make sure the president issues the proposed executive order.

Call President Obama at the White House right now and tell him to stand up to the corporate lobbyists in Washington and follow through on this proposal.

Making this change would be a big step in the right direction and we need the president to follow through.

A phone call to the White House will take only a minute or two.

Please call the White House today.

Thank you for uniting as a Progressive,

Cole Leystra
Executive Director
Progressives United

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