Sunday, April 29, 2012

May Economic and Social Justice IOT Meeting

PDA Tucson:  Economic and Social Justice Team
Saturday, May 5, 2012, 10 AM – noon, Ward 6 Council Office, 3202 E. First St.

1.1        Approval of Minutes
1.2        Announcements
1.3        Agenda Modifications

Old Business
2.1     Meeting at Primavera Foundation           Richard
2.2     Usage
          2.2.1   Commercial Bank
          2.2.2   Community Banks and Credit Unions
          2.2.3   Hebrew Free Loan Societies
          2.2.4   Public Banks

New Business
3.1     Hotel Arizona Project
3.2     Meeting with Mayor on May 8th
3.3     Review of Economic Plan from Last Summer (See below)
3.4     Next Meeting:  June 2, Ward 6 Office, 10 AM – noon
          I’ll be on vacation.  We need a chair. 

·       Establish a meaningful way to fund public education guaranteeing not only basic skills acquisition for all but also vocational education geared toward new and emerging fields
·       Strengthen the offerings and the modalities of Adult Basic Education
·       Require workforce development providers hire highly qualified faculty, utilize student-oriented learning systems, and develop curricula and on-the-job-training experiences that lead in meaningful directions
·       Ask educational providers to develop new curricula leading to national credentials
·       Work with unions to develop and enhance training experiences
·       Develop a community investment bank with funds from local public and private sources to strengthen the economy and the prospects of our residents
·       Utilize private funding to create a program to launch micro-enterprises
·       Create high quality and affordable childcare facilities so parents can work with confidence that their young are nourished
·       Solicit donations of computer equipment so that a network of “computer shacks” can be opened around the county offering not only training but safe recreational experiences for our residents.
·       Require that all work receive meaningful compensation so that a person can live in this community with dignity
·       Enhance protections for workers in regard to compensation, working conditions, safety, and health
·       Pass a progressive rent reduction ordinance to stimulate small and large business start-ups as well as the development of not-for-profits.  In other words, if a rental space is not let in a specific time frame, say 3 months, the asking price of the rental will be lowered by a specified factor, perhaps 15%.  Further reductions would happen at specific intervals and at specific levels. 
·       Improve air service in order to move people and materials in and out of Tucson more efficiently as well as to and from more destinations.  This capacity will only make Tucson more attractive for job development. 
·       New Ideas
·       Improved direct air service
·       Looking at UA Materials Sciences, glass industry
·       Using artisans to anchor and develop neighborhood centers

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