Saturday, January 21, 2012

Clean/Fair Elections IOT Re-activation

This IOT has been on hold pending moving ahead as events dictate; it is now time.  Several of you worked on the re-districting mapping project; that chapter is closing, pending DOJ approval.  Sure did stir up the Repubs.

Here are the items to discuss and develop strategy on , as I see it:

1.  Saving (?improving) Az. Clean Elections.  The legislature will be trying to forward a referendum to neuter it.

2. Election integrity.  Risner and Brakey are moving again with the lawsuit re the RTA election and its fraudulent features.  The court gave a favorable decision this week; much more to follow.   

3. Open Primaries.  Being pushed by Paul Johnson and others, who have a substantial numbers of signers for their initiative, but with many more to go.  

4. Citizens United: the movement to amend the constitution, going like a tidal wave, with  many  groups moving on it.  Sen. Sanders also has a bill pending.

5. Fair Elections Now, SB 750 and HR 1826: a public/private funding bill to limit the amount of funds ($100 limit per person per candidate per election).  Donations from in-state only plus many other good features.  

That is a full but important plate of issues.  After discussion, we would want to see who would want to take the lead on an item and push for effective action to promote the issue.  We may want to focus in on less than 5, depending.  Check out some of the websites; I hope I have them down correctly.

I'd like to see regular meetings at this point, once monthly, with sub-groups meeting in between.  I'd favor a Saturday late am (about 10 or 11) to avoid conflicts in the evening weekday slots with other meetings or work, but would be open to other possibilities

As to a place, either one of the City Council offices, if available, or a restaurant with a side room;  Fronimo's on Speedway comes to mind.

Please give me feedback as to your preferences, and also if you wish to remain on this IOT.  Thanks for your consideration.

Rick G.

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