Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Next Economic and Social Justice IOT Meeting

PDA Tucson
Economic and Social Justice IOT Meeting
Saturday, Nov. 5, 2011, Revolutionary Grounds Coffee House, 606 N. Fourth Ave., Tucson, AZ  85705
10 AM – noon

1.0        General Matters
1.1        Welcome
1.2        Agenda Modifications
1.3        Announcements from the Steering Committee
1.3.1    We need someone to table, two microphone runners, and one time-keeper for Nov. 10th meeting.
1.3.2    Letters sent as instructed in support of the President’s Jobs Bill

2.0        HB 2221 Establishment:  Bank of Arizona
2.1        Review and discussion of bill and proposed PDA editing
2.2        Plans for Steering Committee approval, education, networking

3.0        Financial Transactions Tax

4.0        Gov. Brewer’s Day of Prayer Proclamation

5.0        Student Loan Consolidation Program

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