Monday, August 8, 2011

Ask Senator John McCain Where the Jobs Are: Town Hall in Tucson, Aug 9

Arizona Senator John McCain will venture into Pima County tomorrow-- Tuesday, August 9-- for a rare local town hall.

This is your chance to ask Senator McCain where the jobs are, what the heck is going on in Washington, what he's done for workers lately... or whatever else you want to ask.

Here is the information from about the town hall and a related demonstration on Wednesday...

Senator John McCain Town Hall
St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, Fellowship Hall
Tuesday, 9 Aug 2011, 9:00 AM
1431 West Magee Rd (Map)
Tucson, AZ 85704

Republicans in Congress have been repeating the mantra that "tax cuts result in job growth" since well before the last election season. While corporations and the wealthiest 2% of America have enjoyed unprecedented tax breaks and industry subsidies, the rest of us are left wondering "where are the jobs?" We need to mobilize to let Congress know that we won't continue to foot the bill for more tax breaks and no job growth! The August recess is a perfect time for our movement to make our voices heard loud and clear across the country.

On Tuesday, we will join Senator McCain's Tucson town hall to ask "Where are the Jobs?" and demand that Congress make corporations and the wealthiest Americans play fair pay their share!

On Wednesday at 5pm, we will join together at the corner of Speedway & Campbell for a rally to once more ask "Where are the jobs?"

Message from [MoveOn] host: We will need two teams of volunteers to attend this event: Some members should attend the town hall as constituents and ask Senator McCain point blank why tax cuts and subsidies have not brought job growth. Where are the jobs? We also welcome a few folks to gather with signs outside the event to make sure that people see and hear our message and that any media that attend know where we stand.

Here's a map to the town hall location.

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